The Global Challenge Of Water Shortage

The Global Challenge Of Water Shortage

We see water everywhere. We have pitchers of water in our fridge. We even have bottles of water in our bags and on our office desks. Water comes out every single time we turn the knob of our showers. Water flows outright of our faucets when we wash the dishes, our hands, or anything. When we go to the beach, we see the vast body of water. It looks like it is a never ending body of water. It looks like water is infinite and even more than the amount of water humans can consume. But, has it ever occurred to you that there is a current problem on the supply of water globally? Not everyone on this planet get to enjoy the luxury of water supply like you do.

The World Water Council says that the supply of freshwater all over the world have become limited. There is not enough source of freshwater in some places in the world. More so, these people who do not have access to freshwater find themselves lucky if they have a source of water – water that is not even clean. This is not clear water at all, but water with dirt, mud, and other disease causing bacteria. We are talking about 780 million people who lack access to clean water. While there is a part of this planet whose only source of drinking water is dirty water, there is another part that does not even have any water source at all. Imagine that there are 3.4 million people dying every single year due to water problem.

In fact, several places in the world have problems with their water supply. Some of these places are in Africa and in the Middle East. Israel water shortage has become a very serious problem in the Middle East. They have experienced seven dry years. Water has become very expensive in Israel because of the desalination and water reclamation industry that addresses the Israel water shortage problem. The public has also become aware of the importance of conserving water. They have been used to a lifestyle that saves water such as not using hoses in washing cars and not foolishly wasting water.

Obviously, not all countries in the world are experiencing water problems. But, it is very important for each individual in this planet to value water. Because in every action that we do such as wasting water, there are other people in this world who would die for the water you just wasted. Moreover, for every act of destroying our environment, other parts of this world suffer from the consequences of our actions. Surely, technological innovations can help in addressing water shortage. Technologically advanced equipment can easily filter out water for it to be clean and safe for drinking. But, it is more important that we recognize that water is important.


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