Conserve Water: Thoughts To Start With

Conserve Water: Thoughts To Start With

Sure, the world is made up of 70 percent water. The remaining 30 percent is where we live, the land masses. One can say that water is even more abundant than the soil visible to our eyes. But why are there crisis existing in countries such as in Israel, in Iran, and in plenty of other countries all over the world? Droughts for more or less than four years had occurred many times in Israel, for which, for the past 100 years, the worst happened on 1998-1999. Why are there still water shortages and droughts existing in these countries? People can use, drink, and utilize those 70 percent of water in the whole wide world, but in truth they cannot. We cannot. Because among these 70 percent bodies of water on earth, there is only 2 and a half percent or even less of water that can be used by people. The remaining or more than 97 and a half percent is salt water or are probably ice and people can never drink that kind of water. It is too saline to drink or it can be totally frozen somewhere.

Water is a basic need. We need it every day for so many times in that 24-hour-day. And every day, the population is growing therefore the people using this necessity and limited resource is also increasing. Thus, it is one of the reasons for us to save and use our water wisely. Sure, one might say that he or she can use as much water as he or she wants because he or she got the source but nonetheless we still need to conserve. We owe it to the people who suffer droughts or water shortages. And here are some thoughts to start with.

Start with yourself

Everything begins with one’s self. Change happens within not outside you. You cannot tell people to start doing this and that without even starting with yourself. You must change your ways first before you can indulge others to do so.

Simple things can be bigger things

There can be a lot of ways to conserve water. Simple things and yet the help to the environment is so much bigger than it seems. Even in the most simple thing you do at home, you can help save water. For example, in washing the dishes or washing your clothes, do not leave the water running. When you are brushing your teeth every day, turn the tap off. By doing so, you can save almost or even more than 8 gallons of water each day.

Make a difference and influence others

Remember, it always starts within you. You can always make a difference with such simple ways like taking shorter showers with little or as much as needed water, or by fixing the leak on your water pipes and faucets. Little by little, influence others too. You can tell one of your family members or your friends, one at a time to also do the same. With these little ways, your help is absolutely never that little.


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