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What is vaping?
It is basically the inhalation and exhalation of water vapor with the help of an electronic device. You attach a flavor pod or e juice that might or might not have tobacco mixed in it to the device for vapors. The feeling which you get is the same as smoking regular cigarettes.
The vapor that you exhale would be denser and wetter than regular cigarette smoke. It would dissipate quickly. If you are new to vaping then it is advised you start out slow as the first punch is pretty intense. However, once you get used to it you can vape throughout the day.

Vaping devices
These are the handheld electronic devices which you use to get your vaping fix. They are also referred to as personal vaporizer (PV), mod, vapor or e-cigarette.

There are usually 3 types of devices: 

• Cigalikes
The ones which look like cigarettes are called cigalikes. They are both disposable and refillable. Refillable ones can be recharged and used with multiple flavor pods. However, the disposable ones are good for the life of only one flavor pod. The battery life is short and they are not very effective at producing vapors. That said the device is small, compact and great for people trying to quit cigarettes.

• Vape Pens
Another device is the vape pens. Not very expensive and very easy to use. They are a bit bigger than cigalikes and have a larger battery life. The most popular device on the market currently is the latest VV/VW device and the temperature control mods.

• Mechanical
Mechanical devices though not in vogue, are very simplistic in design. Unlike other regular vaping devices these do not have an electrical circuitry and no wires. These devices are very rugged and advised to be used by only experienced users. Also, these lack basic safety features which allow it to be pushed to the limits.

The anatomy of a vaping device, however, is more or less the same among these three. A vapor device usually has these parts.

• Vape tanks possess heating coils, wicks, and e-liquid.
• Vape coils are spring-like coils which are wicked on one end and heated to vaporize the e-liquid.
• Batteries are what powers the device and can be integrated or replaceable.
• Vape Mods house the batteries.
• E-juice or flavor is the soul of your vaping device. They can have nicotine and come in various exciting flavors such as Mango, mint, apple etc.

Vape Juice
This is what makes your vaping device so desirable. There are a multitude of flavors to choose from. There are many suppliers for you to choose from as well. If you are new to vaping then you might want to experiment with a few before settling on a vapor of choice.
The beauty of ejuice is that it can be with or without nicotine making it popular with both smokers and non-smokers alike. There are many legal suppliers which even sell THC infused vape juice at licensed dispensaries. This means you can enjoy cannabis anywhere in a discreet setting.
On an average vape, flavors are made with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. There are a number of food flavors added to it and nicotine in some cases. There are many flavors such as Belgian waffles, coffee, alcoholic beverages, menthol, simple tobacco etc. depending on the supplier you choose. There are many suppliers which choose to create organic and vegan-friendly flavors as well.

Vaping Facts

• E liquids are not dangerous
They are created with everyday materials used in foods and drinks. If you are using one with nicotine then it is less harmful than a regular cigarette as water vapor is easy on the lungs as compared to conventional smoke.

• There is no Formaldehyde or anti-Freeze in e liquids
There is something called a dry hit which you would immediately feel. It is when the liquid stops hitting your device. There is no formaldehyde in e-liquids and even though propylene glycerol is used in anti-freeze, it is not harmful in vape juice.

• E-cigarettes do not give you popcorn lungs
Many people thought that because e-liquids contain diacetyl they are harmful and will make lungs contract the same diseases as with people who work in popcorn factories. However, most of the e juice found in markets do not contain diacetyl and even if they do it is in quantities small enough to not cause any harm.

• Nicotine in itself does not cause cancer
Cigarettes are linked with cancer as they contain many chemicals along with nicotine. Nicotine in itself as per many studies conducted is only as harmful as caffeine.

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Making the switch from regular tobacco cigarettes to the healthier alternative that is vaping doesn’t just happen overnight. You can also visit online vaping communities like http://www.bestvaporpen.org for moral support, tips, and advice on how to cope during the transition period. Your body will take a bit of time adjusting to the absence of the harmful substances found in tobacco smoke. Much can be said about the challenges you might face when trying to quit smoking, but there are ways to make your transition a little easier so you can successfully ditch tobacco for good.

Choose the Right Products

If you’re completely new to vaping, try to look for products that you’ll want to use every day and carry around as well. And as it turns out, you have plenty of options as far as your choice of vape pens goes. Consider starting with a cig-a-like; these devices are designed to closely resemble conventional cigarettes, and this could help in making your transition as seamless as possible. You can find cig-a-likes in both disposable and rechargeable options.

Disposable vape pens are perfectly suited for new vapers, especially when one is making the initial switch. With them, you can try out different nicotine strengths and flavors till you find the perfect combination. From there, you might want to move on to their rechargeable counterparts as your long-term option.

Don’t forget to read a few e-cigarette reviews before you can start shopping; this is crucial in choosing a retailer who will support you through the transition process. Besides recommending the best options for you, a good supplier should also offer after-sales support. This is a crucial part of the entire vaping experience, so don’t forget to research retailers as you prepare to go shopping.

Find the Ideal Nicotine Strength

Unlike is the case with tobacco cigarettes, e-cigs give you the chance to pick your preferred nicotine strength. Your best bet would be to start with e-cigs with a nicotine strength similar to that of the cigarettes you’re used to, then gradually step down from there. This should help in minimizing the cravings you might experience when starting out, and your body will slowly get used to e-cigs with time. If you need help choosing the right nicotine strength, reach out to your vendor for more advice.

Experiment With Different Flavors

When making the switch to e-cigarettes, most people tend to choose flavors whose taste closely resembles that of normal tobacco. But while most tobacco-flavored e-juices come close to the real thing, you’d be much better off picking other flavors, especially when you’re trying to quit smoking as quickly as you can. Choosing a non-tobacco flavor means you won’t be stuck with a reminder of the very habit you’re trying to break, so try out different options to see which ones you can stick with. After a while, you might find yourself reaching for your vape pen more often than you crave normal cigarettes.

Consider Upgrading

As a first-time e-cig user, you might have a hard time getting used to having to refill your cartridges and recharging batteries on a regular basis. Besides, some products may not have the desired throat hit that a smoker craves. Should you find yourself in such situations, consider upgrading to a device that allows more customization.

Don’t Forget to Charge Your Batteries

If you’ve opted for a rechargeable device, there’s always the chance that you’ll find yourself with a depleted battery when you badly need a nicotine fix. Depending on how much time you’ll have to wait for your batteries to charge, you might be tempted to head out to buy a pack of cigarettes. For this reason, be sure to charge your battery the moment it starts showing signs of depletion. You might also consider getting a backup battery to carry with you at all times.

Stay Motivated

For the most part, the first week or two after you make the switch will probably be the hardest. No matter what you’ll be going through, you can make it past this period by staying strong and reminding yourself all the good reasons why you’re giving e-cigarettes a try. Rewarding yourself for the milestones you hit is a good way to stay motivated along the journey. In addition, look for ways to make vaping a fun experience, and you’ll be more likely to succeed with your switch.

All in all, switching from tobacco sticks to e-cigs is more of a marathon than a sprint. So rather than try to fast-track the process, just take things at your own pace.

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Making Good Choices

Perhaps you have seen box mods, and have also seen the price tags. While box mods are excellent and have many benefits, you may want a less expensive product when you first venture into vaping.

Cigalikes are one of the most inexpensive types of e-cigs. They look much like traditional cigarettes. You can purchase individual e-cigs, or packs of multiple Cigalikes.

As the most basic vaping product, you have options. You can choose between a disposable and a rechargeable model. A disposable e-cig is equal to at least one full pack of traditional cigarettes. However, you will save more money if you choose a rechargeable electronic cigarette. All you need to do is recharge the battery and you can use it again and again.

Vape pens are available in a variety of sizes and styles. Although they are generally more stylish, they are as easy to carry as Cigalikes. You can choose from a wide range of colors, and make a fashion statement when you are vaping.

Choosing Your E Juice

When you buy a vaporizer, e juice must be on your list of vaping supplies. No matter what your favorite flavor may be, you will surely find it. E juice is available in virtually every flavor you can imagine.

Desserts, fruits, candy, coffee, vanilla, and peppermint are only a few examples of delicious e juices. You can sample an assortment of flavors or always choose the one you like the most. You can have a tasty treat every time you vape.

Perhaps you are one of the many individuals who truly enjoys the taste of traditional cigarettes. You do not need to give up the taste you love when you start vaping. The cigarette taste you prefer is available in e-liquid. You can vape full-flavor or menthol every time.

As many people start vaping to give up a cigarette habit, you also have the option of choosing nicotine-free e juice. You can have all of the enjoyment of vaping without nicotine. If you feel you are too dependent on traditional cigarettes and want to stop smoking, nicotine-free e juice is an ideal option.

So Many Choices: How To Decide?

For a first-time vaper, the wide range of options can seem intimidating. You do not want to buy supplies that you do not need, or purchase a product and find it does not include everything that you do need. One way to ensure you do not make any mistakes is to buy a starter kit. You will know you have everything necessary to start vaping.

Second, you may be concerned about the cost of vaping supplies, and do not want to break your budget for your first vaping experience. There is a simple way to save money and make your first purchase affordable. You can use coupons and promo codes so you do not have to pay full price for your products.

Another way to approach vaping is to join a vaping club in your community. When you talk to other people who are more experienced at vaping, you can learn which products they prefer. You can gain information on which brands and styles might be right for you. You may also learn which companies and websites offer free coupons and promo codes. When you join a club, you will also make new friends. All of the members love to vape.

Why Is Vaping A Good Choice?

Fun, friends and enjoyable experiences are good reasons to start vaping. If you are honest with yourself, you know you do not have a good time when you smoke cigarettes. Cigarette smoking means worrying about your health, messes and odor, and annoying non-smokers. Smoking also means frequently encountering environments where cigarette smoking is forbidden.

In contrast, you will have a good time when you vape. Whether you are vaping alone or with your friends, it is a positive experience. There are no dangerous health risks associated with vaping, so it is safe for you and the non-smokers in your life. Not many places forbid vaping, so you do not have to wait when you want to vape.

When you consider all of these reasons that vaping is a good choice, the next step is to consider the products you want to buy. You do not have to visit a local store and pay full retail prices for your products. You can take all the time you need to browse the website, select your supplies, and place the order online.

Vaping is one of the smartest decisions you can make. When you purchase Cigalikes or vape pens instead of traditional cigarettes, you will never regret your decision.

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