3 Diseases You Could Get From Drinking Contaminated Water

3 Diseases You Could Get From Drinking Contaminated Water

How many glasses of water do you drink in a day? How often do you drink tap water from restaurants? Do you have any idea about the source of the water you are drinking?

Water is vital to our health. It is an essential daily requirement for our body to function properly. Considering the erratic weather conditions globally, our thirst heightens making us want and need water more.

Today, there is a problem on the supply of water wherein a lot of people do not even have access to water. In Africa alone, 345 million people do not have access to clean and safe water. This is where the problems water diseases arise. Did you know that 3.4 million people die each year because of water diseases? Even if we see the abundance of water around us, it seems as if there is not enough clean water. The mass water systems are either contaminated or dirty. Here are the diseases that are effects of water contamination.


Amoebiasis or simply amoeba is caused by a tiny parasite taken in through the mouth of a person. It can be spread through contaminated water. You can also have this parasite through improper sanitation, dirty hands, and sexual contact. Recently, a brain eating amoeba which developed in the U.S. has been disovered. Brain eating amoebas live in warm water up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Just recently, October 9, 2013, the rare amoeba was found in several mass water systems in DeSoto Parish Waterworks.


Cholera infection is caused by a bacterium called vibrio cholera. The main source of this bacterium is contaminated water. But, it can also be found in uncooked foods. You need to consume a million of cholera bacteria to be sick with cholera. Every year, there are 3-5 million cases of cholera in the world. If left untreated, the person infected with the cholera bacteria could die.

Guinea Worm Disease

The guinea worm disease has a medical term called Dracunculiasis which is caused by a parasite. This disease is commonly present in Africa. It could be acquired through drinking water contaminated with guinea worm larvae. This parasite could live in your body for a year and the effects of this disease will show up after a year of infection. Usually, the effects are in the form of skin blisters where the worm comes out.

From these diseases that could be easily and unconsciously obtained, we can conclude that sanitation and hygiene are very important for having safe drinking water. Thus, it is very important to keep our mass water systems clean and free from disease causing organisms.


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